IMG_7943I’m old-school when it comes to business relationships:  I prefer to work with people I’ve actually met rather than some cleverly e-named but faceless entity online.  So it was with pleasure that I came across Jude Harlan last summer under a Lucky Bat Books banner at the Northwest Book Festival in Portland, OR.  It required repeated trips back to her booth to speak with her, for each time I went by she was deep in conversation with someone else.  I bided my time; wisely, it turned out.

After an initial conversation in which we took each other’s measure, we both did some due diligence.  She and her co-founder, Cindie Geddes, read a substantial portion of the manuscript.  For my part, I contacted three Lucky Bat authors with several questions about the imprint.  Jude and Cindie invited me to sign on, and having received prompt and enthusiastic references regarding their work, I was pleased to do so.

I’m glad I did.  Lucky Bat Books provided coherence for me in the complex, arcane world of modern publishing, and has delivered a beautiful product.

For more information on Lucky Bat Books, click here:

In the process of developing the book and publishing it, I’ve again been reminded how small the world has become.  Its creation has touched all the following places:

PORTLAND, OR:  Home base of Jude Harlan, co-founder of Lucky Bat Books and my chief guide through the publishing part of this adventure.

RENO, NV:  Home base of Cindie Geddes, co-founder of Lucky Bat Books.

NORTHERN CA:  Home of Lucky Bat Books’ terrific book project manager and hand-holder, Louisa Swann.

NAVARRE, SPAIN:  Author research trip—Pamplona, Leyre, Olite, Castillo, Barcelona and other locations along the Pyrenees.

LONDON, ENGLAND:  Home base of Portuguese cover designer Guilherme Gustavo Condeixa.  (The cover is a home run.)

NEW YORK CITY:  Author research trip, and home base of Peter Gelfan, editor extraordinaire.

TUCSON, AZ:  City where the novel was born.  Also home of The Editorial Department, through whom I found Peter Gelfan, and from whom I received substantial information, support and encouragement.  Click here:  Also home of Wheatmark Press, developer of this website.  Click here:

LONGVIEW, WA:  Home.  Dare I say it?  Yes, it takes a Village.

Photo: Portland, OR


  • Thanks Steve. I remember meeting you that day, and my booth-pal Jean Sheldon telling me, “See that guy over there?” He’s been waiting patiently and you probably want to talk to him. The book sounds great.”
    And the book is terrific! And that’s not just your publisher speaking. That’s a reader, with friends now coming back to me thanking me for passing the book on to them. We all await the Brother’s next adventure.
    PS — Everyone here loves working with you, too, Steve.
    best ~ Jude

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