Reviews for the Book of Hours Trilogy


Book of Hours: Unholy Error

Extremely entertaining read. AC (netgalley pre-pub reader)

I’m enjoying your book. I particularly like your wonderful descriptions, and the way you introduce enough questions to keep us wanting more. Very nice pacing. DR (beta reader)

When I started this book I expected it to be like da Vinci Code.  It is nothing at all like it.  It was still a great book.  It gave me great insight into the life of those that dedicate their lives to God, yet it never felt like the author was pushing his religious beliefs on me.  It is thought provoking in so many ways from the inquisition to illegal immigration.  It is definitely worth reading. JC (netgalley pre-pub reader)

Book of Hours: The Beguilement of Brother Alphaios

An Interesting Read, Well Written.  Anderson made the book come to life with his great use of description. Editing was near-perfect, a rare treat these days. I enjoyed reading this book and am waiting for the next installment.  PAN,

A fun read. An engaging glimpse of monastic life as well as the world of art and book restoration.  …a delightful first novel. With transparent prose he immerses us in the world of a monk transported to a city in the United States….  DR,

A great read.  Really liked this book, it was a fast read for me….  MD,

An enchanting journey of discovery into the realms of power and justice, relationships, problem solving and accomplishment.  Brother Alphaios is treated with a tender touch….The historic characters and those of present day are colorful and vividly brought to the imagination of the reader….The book cover art and design by Guilherme Gustavo Condeixa are a brilliant display of talent in its own right and a complement to Anderson’s integrity in pursuit of this exemplary book. The story was attractive to me on levels of personal interest: art history, European history, architecture, and curbside people watching allowing time for reflection.  DL,

Very interesting character, Brother Alphaios.  Author did a lot of research…I really related to Brother Alphaios reaction to a large city after 30 years in a Monastery.  Fun read.  AWA,

A multi-faceted book that left me wanting more.  Very vivid pictures were developed in my mind with the author’s rich descriptions.  ECW,

Good read.  The book was a little slow getting started, but I fell in love with Brother Alphaios, the humble monk and could not put the book down…. SW,

Outstanding read!!!!  This first novel is an outstanding read.  Plot and characters well developed and believable; historical information woven into the plot in a compelling manner…J,

I’m ready for a next installment.  It is obvious that J.S. Anderson likes words and likes to challenge others…. It was the author’s chutzpah in trusting that I’d be interested enough in his story to want to spend so much effort looking up new terms in order to follow his tale…let alone then recommending this exercise to others!  I found it worth accepting the challenge….I wanted to see the paintings, smell and taste the bread, hear the noises of the city and the quiet of the monastery, and feel for myself the softness of the sable brush….The ending of this book to me seemed like sort of a subtle explosion.  I didn’t expect it.  MA,

A Vivid, Unusual Book.  I especially enjoyed reading his encounters through his eyes, those of a naïve monk.  The author has a style of writing that is a rich tapestry of description….The explosion of described colors made a permanent impression on me….It was an educational and unusual read.  DMO,

Beguilement, Indeed.  Book of Hours:  The Beguilement of Brother Alphaios, is a wonderful read; in fact it is beguiling in every sense of the word….Brother Alphaios defamiliarizes places that we Americans take for granted….Along with the series of mysteries, universal and human, Brother Alphaios beguiles us, like Keats, with the beauty of his vision.  The author… provides Brother Alphaios with a love of music that asks us to revisit Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and think of the sounds as they relate to a great American city and its people….Furthermore, he offers historical and geographical insight to the medieval European monasteries and mystery after mystery that we, through Brother Alphaios, are tasked with solving. Literati,

A monk in the big city: I loved it. I am Catholic, a calligrapher and appreciate the lives that monks lead and their book of prayer. Though a bit wordy in the beginning, I enjoyed the adventure of the brother in town and the monastery as he made his way to and from work at the library. The author lives in in the community I live in in WA and so this book was even much more personal to me. I eagerly await his second book with Brother Alphaois. dc,

A multifaceted book, rich in description and thought.  Anon,

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